Take a journey of the mind and come with me,

as we fly through the sky and across the sea.

As we fly through the air you will enjoy the breeze,

but don’t fly too low or you will crash in the tree’s.

We can visit the world’s countries and even take tea,

I do this trip often so trust in me.

We can swim under the oceans my favourite place,

or if you prefer a trip into space.

We can visit Earth’s core but if that proves too hot,

we can go to the north pole a much cooler spot.

We can visit the worlds landmarks and get in for free,

or fly to the moon and have plenty to see.

We can ride wild animals without needing a gun,

so let yourself go friends this trip will be fun.

We can jump across mountains with our unlimited mind powers,

or take in the views from the worlds highest towers.

We can dance on the clouds without falling through,

just trust in your mind and it will certainly come true.

Lots of new adventures are waiting for you,

and you will never get bored,

I never do.

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