what's the use in fighting
we never win
we see no light a the end of the tunnel
we may be walking the same dark path we walked before
there is no way to tell
yet there is no despair
for despair there would have first had to have been hope
hope was gone too long ago to remember
we are certain of the next day
we know it would be just like yesterday
only in death can we hope for anything different
but how are we sure we're not dead already
if there is darkness in death then we may truly be dead
what’s the purpose of eating?
why would we want to sustain this life
maybe we can die twice
but then again........
how many times might we have died already
maybe we were never alive
maybe we were always dead
let us be slaves of the darkness then
for whether we fight or not........
we would still only know a desolate master
the only thing we're promised is the absence of joy...
we only see the gloom that is existence
the eternity in which faith hold no definition
to not exist may truly be better
only sadness and pain is proof we even exist at all
the sound of our own heart beat is perhaps the closest thing to hope
for it’s proof that we may yet be alive
and if we're alive we may be able to exit this world through death
in this aspect the comfort of death does slightly warm my soul
but what would it mean to die and come back to the same
where is the proof that this is not the only reality
faith you say?
faith to us is to dangle food in front of the hungry.....
with no intentions to feed
it’s almost impossible for us to even think of
how can we imagine that which we have never seen
we have no faith in faith....
nothing you tell us can change that
if faith really exist then show it to us
no...don't just show us faith....
but surprise us, show us a glimpse of something worth fighting for
for all we have ever seen is the darkness
and our only faith is in the fact that....
the darkness will be there tomorrow
we sit here chained in this dungeon of black
deep in the abyss of soullessness
and only grow angry at rumors of joy
joy speaks of things we don't understand
for the word no longer has meaning on our tongue
but perhaps derived from an ancient language long forgotten
a language made of unreal fairy tales
fairy tales that even our children refuse to believe
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