Halloween Phantom

I rise every Halloween to put fear in your face,

And can make monster shapes of the dark in your scariest place.

My face is a monsters and I don’t wear a mask,

To scare you and chase you is my ghoulish main task.

I have claws like a devil and talons on my feet,

You are sure to run fast if we meet on the street.

I can fly up behind you and scratch the clothes on your back,

And you will never forget me or my Halloween attack.

It’s no trick or treat when I come calling on you,

When you see I am for real, utter fear will consume you.

Each Halloween I become scarier and reveal a new monster face,

I want you to run so I can perform my best chase.

Every dark shadow or noise holds the fear which I bring,

Causing terror and panic is my phantom born thing.

I can appear in your mirrors or shake your curtains or your bed,

My scary form in the shadows will put worse fears in your head.

I will also scare groups and terrorize your friends with you too,

The sight of my phantom form will bring sheer horror to you.

So watch out this Halloween in your costumes and your masks,

For I am the Halloween phantom and do real heart thumping tasks.

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