Goodbye Mr. President

In rows of chipped and gnarled wooden chairs
We sat, even our breathing, shallow rasp
Conscious of the nun’s frightening cold stares
This hallowed moment soon to be our past
Tiny hands strangling rosary beads
With fervent heart and eyes closed squinting tight
A nun with solemn eyes began to read
She said in whispered voice this great man’s plight
Our President, John Kennedy was shot
Our fragile young minds could not comprehend
This deed, this unimaginable plot
He was Father of our Country, not this end
The praying seemed forever till we heard
That he would never speak another word
Moans from sisters that gathered in the hall
Buses came quickly to take us all home
The earth had cracked, even for one so small
Together we grieved, we were so alone
Silently, I watched the black and white TV
Eyes held on watching, especially son John
Stunned I saw Oswald killed by Jack Ruby
A sea of chaos, felt by everyone
Forever changed the world would be to me
The quiet chill that came over this land
The promises lost, fear of treachery
He carried our dreams in the his good right hand
The Kennedy’s we lost, Bobby and John
To a child’s eyes, this was Armageddon

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