Welcome to a world where God is a bad word,
Where some stop at nothing for their voice to be heard.
They take their fight to the highest court,
And claim His name’s purport is distorted.
They say their rights are somehow violated—
All the while our views and beliefs are annihilated.
Even though it is written in our decree,
Some people still do not agree
That the laws of our land are based on His word,
And some find His mere existence absurd.
Our children learn from books where sorcerer’s rule
Yet we block His name—can’t even say it in school.
They thank him last and blame him first
Especially when they’ve seen the worst
They put their faith in earthly kings
But still blame him for their sufferings.
There’s only one King and one King alone,
And He sits on the highest throne
In a world that is sometimes all too evil—
Tempting us, swaying us, a constant upheaval
To win our spirit, soul, body and mind.
But simply seek Him out, and you will find
The Truth, the light, His grace and love
From our forgiving
Father who resides above.

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