Ghost Visitor

I am the one that makes bumps in the night,

the one responsible for giving you a fright.

I am the one that everyone fears,

the one who sneaks up to your bed and whispers in your ears.

I am the one who rattles your pots and pans,

or knocks down your ornaments with invisible hands.

I walk through walls all over the place,

but unless I choose to be seen you never see my  face.

I run across your roofs, and even move your chairs,

and if you hear a noise now I am coming up your stairs.

I will touch you in bed and even shake your covers,

children fear me most and often shout their mothers.

I will tap on your windows and really make your hearts thump,

or rattle your curtains a sure way to make you jump.

I am not really evil it’s just what I do,

my mission in death is to try and scare you.

I may give you nightmares that spoil your sleep,

or just slam your doors as through your home I creep.

I may touch you at supper time and make you drop your toast,

and I enjoy bringing fear as your not so friendly ghost.

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One comment on “Ghost Visitor
  1. Kevin Lee Gourley says:

    I really liked your poem – very cool!

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