Galaxy Man

My name is Galaxy man and I have alien super powers,

I usually stand tall on your buildings and your towers.

I have magnified sight to zoom in and see your face,

after being blasted by ten alien planets, which aligned deep in outer space.

I have ability to fly through the sky as fast as striking lightning,

and in my red suit and black cape, try not to be scary or frightening.

With my atmosphere powers, I have repaired Earths ozone layer,

I want to help the world, and be a full time global player.

With my gravity powers I am removing all Earths pollution,

my powers from outer space could be our saving world solution.

I will try to save your lives when you are threatened or in danger,

I am your superpowered friend, and much more than a costumed stranger.

I can hear your danger signals direct from your mind,

my powers on Earth make me special and one of a kind.

My planet gravity powers can lift up trains or crashing cars,

very useful gifts indeed from ten aligning stars.

I sometimes wonder why the planets ray beam blasted me,

while a shuttle pilot in our space, I guess it just was fate,

that I was flying in that place.

I have switch vision powers, which can lift or erase you free,

I can even save your cat, when its stuck high up the tallest tree.

I have many great superpowers, and my services are for free,

next time you need Galaxy man, be sure to think of me.

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