Fragments of Her Melancholic Heart

Fierce passion … love, long ago … lost.
Romantic reality transformed to broken memories
He watched her daily escape to the lake
witnessing fragments of her melancholic heart

She spoke to the wind, animals and trees
and to great powers high above.
First, he thought her faculties had failed her—
then realized she was speaking with her heart.

What turmoil had she experienced?
What loss could she not endure?
He wanted to reach out, speak soft words,
but feared any action would further poison her heart.

He gripped the vines, twisting them hard
as her tears flooded the meadow.
Finally, she stared, stoically, dry-eyed—
counting the fragments of her melancholic heart.

Hesitating, he softly whispered his presence…
She turned, slowly, still stoic, entranced…
His eyes told her, “Hold on, don’t be afraid…”
He offered her his hand.

She walked with him … wordlessly … hesitantly…
Wide-eyed, squeezing his hand…
They stopped to rest by the familiar lake—
She tried to speak … mumbled words—he could not understand.

He promised not to abandon her—alone in the quagmire;
trying to coax from her a smile…
He felt the sharp fragments of her melancholic heart.

She led him home. He tucked her in bed—
Spoke to her softly ’til sleep overcame her,
he sat all night in the rocking chair…
Her body writhing from the nightmares

He accompanied her on daily walks.
In the lake’s solitude, their thoughts drifted.
In time she trusted, gave him her smile
along with the splinters of her melancholic heart.

Spring arrived … forecasting new life,
fresh, vibrant scents, eager sun…
They searched each other’s eyes with smiles,
fragments of her melancholic heart—far gone.

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