For My PaPa

I thought you were much taller when I was looking up
I remember your fedora and your forever coffee cup

Five in the morning you were already gone for work
Your duty, your responsibility you never did shirk

When I was very small I looked at your pictures when
You were a soldier

Sometimes I would just cry and think there was an
Angel on your shoulder

How did you get so lucky to survive that most terrible war?
How were you so brave to come home with that bronze star?

I was just five and use to cry to think you might have died
And I thought I would never have known my greatest pride

You were so easy to please and never asked for much
I only saw you cry once when your mother left us

You were always on my side when things went wrong for me
And when I was looking up it was your smile I would see

You were so joyful with just a bowl of popcorn and a movie
Your favorite “shoot ‘em up” or something about army

Of course, it was just like you not to say you were not well
Of course, it was just like us to not notice and to tell

Papa just needs a little rest and he’ll be fine
Surely nothing could happen to this grand paradigm

New Year’s Eve, the fireworks shouted in the night
I felt the world knew and sent you off with all light

New Year’s Day it rained a pounding most terrible rain
I felt the sky was crying with me and it was also in pain

Surely mother earth knew it had lost such a great son
It couldn’t be just me he was hero, no, not the only one

If there is a heaven, your name is engraved on golden cup
Do you see me still searching for you when I am looking up?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I couldn’t resist commenting. Well written!

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