Fool Behind Wheels

Speeding—fast wheels running red, flashing, flickering lights

Day and night, hiding in the nights

 So cool, nothing but a fool watching

The sunlight in the daylight,

Killing kids when they are out of school.

You will not get that far—soon

 The cops will stop at the light

They say in jail you cannot make bail

The eyes of hell are waiting in your cell.

There are no fairy tales or wishing wells

 To help you escape

 You just have to wait and time will tell your fate

Life in jail is like slipping on a snail

 Or falling on a nail.

 A cool fool with a frown looking

Like a clown with a sad frown

 Running yellow, Red lights

 Day and night in jail

Well that’s the way it goes—no hope

 Trying to reach the pope

 For prayers to set you free

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