She knew he loved her, bedazzled by her…
Expressing all his desires…
When much time elapsed without a glimpse of her
he’d always send her flowers.

He knew her heart did not skip for him—
resolved, he welcomed her friendship.
When life challenged, cruelly fracturing her heart…
he’d always send her flowers.

Both felt life pulling them slowly apart;
she knew one day she would miss him;
yet he remembered her special days
and always sent her flowers.

“Must all good things come to an end?”
She pondered, late into the night.
“What is his destiny? Who will become his love?”
Saddened, she would miss the purity of his longing.

Life tugged at them, challenged their friendship,
casting them further apart…
Vicissitudes created the turmoil—
Unable to cope, his mind slowly fell apart.

“Finally,” she thought, “I’ve found true love…”
yet emptiness still lingered—
A piece was missing from her heart—
Flowers, she no longer got.

Restless, empty, her heart unsteady…
She could not love another!
Composing her will, she rushed outside
determined to save two lonesome hearts.

He stared, hypnotically, when she entered the room,
weakly, sitting up, his smile vacant—
She offered him a sweet bouquet
and whispered with her heart, “I love you.”

His heart erupted, troubled mind … confused…
Is this a lapse of reason?
Reading his mind, she gently shook her head—
Smiling, her tears falling … embracing…
he, overcome, from the love pouring out of her heart.

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