Father, Can You Fix This Heart of Mine

Father, it was said

 You do the impossible things

 Yes, I know some of those people who dream

 I’d seen some of them that scream

 Yes, your mighty king

 Upon your mighty throne, blow breath

 Waken us everyday

 Father can you fix this heart of mine

 That screams all the time

 You gave us sight to see sunrise

 Father you say trust–believe, with faith comes moonbeam shine

I’m on bended knees

You gave us legs

Walked miles, this broken heart of mine

 I cannot even smile

 Father it was told you do the impossible things

 I cannot sleep nor dream

 I cannot see your beautiful things you bring

 I see some waiting for dawn to come, but

 Father can you repair this broken heart of mine

 I felt lingering pain all throughout my veins

 My whole body screams day and night

Father can you do the impossible thing to heal this heart of mine

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