Fata Morgana

She stood there grasping so tightly the brilliant, breathtaking balloons
The sun shone so brightly, her eyes closed, she did not see the monsoons

Each balloon was painted with a thousand dreams, tenderly tied with lace
Bobbing in the wind, sparkling colors that brought a smile to her face

When the sky darkened, she wore sun etched glasses, refused to see why
The one she thought was an angel was busily circling round the sky

Placing rain clouds everywhere in sight, forming them so meticulously
But still she closed her eyes quite tight and gave her heart away for free

Firmly she stood, in the midst of the storm; sure the sun would not lie
That it would wrap her with warmth, her golden balloons would still fly

But one by one, the unforgiving wind ripped each balloon from her hand
And she looked down instead of up, and quivered while on shaken land

Pellets of crystalized rain hit the earth and they shattered like glass
She tried not to cry, on this once lovely day, sure the rain would pass

But they scattered into pieces of fate to cut her and leave her to bleed
And the wind burst the balloons and turned her budding flowers to seed

When she looked down through the rainbow of tears, all she could see
On her left ring finger, where she thought a wedding ring would be

One little balloon string, tied in a perfect bow was all she had got
All that was left of her forever dreams was a tattered forget-me-not

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