False Hope

“When we first met, I knew you were the one
I saw my life in yours, the smiles, the compliments we
Adored, the sun in our hearts floored
I knew it could be, eternally you and me, for this is all I could see
This path was my destiny.

Mistakably—You made it clear that your path didn’t include my grasp,
And all I could see was the light you once were fade, fast
Once again alone and hopeless I felt,
From the words spoken left a gaping hole in my heart;
The Twin Towers after the blast,
For the hope I once had wasn’t enough to surpass
I walk around in a maze, stuck in a state of visions, lost in a daze;

The wedding on the beach, the little girl with curly hair, was all yet to come,
Shattered by a false sense of hope, I no longer can cope,
For wanting to love and be loved is what I need the most

The dreams I had of you and I can no longer be solidified”

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7 comments on “False Hope
  1. Duane says:

    Ok you got skills

  2. Mariette says:

    keep tapping on that great talent of yours; proud of you

  3. Nedra Millet says:

    5 snaps for this one…love it! It speaks to the soul.

  4. Shonnie Annette says:

    AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME!!! Great job writing, very creative words… it really gives me a vision of what the relationship could have been. Obviously your goals and visions were set well behond his reach or imagination of reality. I so understand where your coming, but most importantly… where you want to go! Loves it!

  5. Carlisha says:

    Great job

  6. Jaime says:


  7. Jeron says:

    Once upon a time my heart was hurting like yours,,, It stop hurting ( My Heart ) when i stop thinking about that no good person.

    You can do better then that, you picked the wrong man,, Keep living,,, You got it going on, and you a good woman full of passion poetry, The heart of your next man will really love you.

    Can I Keep It Real.

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