“The bricks tumble and hit the ground from the great wall I once had built
The glass in your eyes breaks down my emotive state that usually goes undetected
The covered shade this window once had—was now rolled back,
No longer a need to mask reality…
The side of all sides you get to see of me,
I thought was non existent, obsolete
My truest reflection you mirrored,
My heart just couldn’t resist
I’m so new with you,
Its been so long,
Such an awakened soul,
Like bold waters that run deep
Love is the powerful source,
Renewing this spirit within me.”


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One comment on “Emotive
  1. Shonnie Annette says:

    I can definitely relate! I too have finally met a man who, surprisingly, is able to bring me out of my shell. Who mirrors my every thought and just seem as if he’s the right one for me. Although time can only tell, at this point I feel as if I’ve had a ‘love transfusion’. Hopefully this is it!

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