Dealt From Above II

Father above, you dealt
Sadness and sorrow from above
Upon me—I’d fallen to my knees
In my heart, I’d felt you departed
Away from me, a love
Now my bones tremble, like a tree
As leaves drift, freely away

I’d felt lost and at ease
I was left with sad memory
I have never been the same
Father above, where is your love?
For me, still my eyes are teary
I could not sleep, everyday—
Pain lingering in my mind

Father above, you kept me alive
When I wanted to die
Still in my eyes, tears like golden leaves
Drift away from the love tree
Winter golden leaf
You left me lonely
But humbly to write poetry

I’d not found the light
This humble life,
Soul on the roads, pain is
Like a sharp knife
Into my heart
A shattered dream
A dried up river stream

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