She wonders what he’s doing now
what path he chose in life
Childhood play under the summer sun
He picked for her dandelions

Sweet and pure innocent love
where can she find it now?
She walks through the field pondering love …
Gathering dandelions …

Breathing deeply, holding them close,
closing her eyes and twirling
Reminiscing … Childhood days
when he picked for her dandelions

She opened her eyes, the reverie gone
she walked and walked, tears falling …
Remembering how she spurned his gift
when he offered her dandelions

She fell to the ground, glimpsed the setting sun
Her mind traveled back to childhood
She pounded the grass with both fists clenched
Feeling his pain and disappointment

He knew of her and her painful life
for many years he loved her
Yet he knew her heart did not beat for him
when he offered her dandelions

He and she lived parallel lives
Wanderers … Searching for love …
He saw her drenching the grass with tears
Felt the beating of her troubled heart

She rubbed her eyes as he approached
A dream? A mocking illusion?
Smiling, he gently reached out for her hand
and offered her dandelions

She stared entranced unable to move
Is this the work of the Fates?
He touched her cheek, wiped tears away
and held her delicately …

Gently, fearfully, they drew apart
Searching each others eyes …
Hand in hand in silence they walked, holding dandelions …

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