Feeding the voids i once fed with drugs, sins, and lusts,

i found the one to really trust.

and in my confinement,

God showed me not to take life for granted

this is a temporary assignment.

see i come from near poverty and despair,

my mom worked hard to make sure food was there.

i come from trouble and struggle

now i strive to be right.

don’t get me wrong cause this will be a fight

he reassures me it will be alright

and in my prayers at night i pray for you,

that soon you will find him to.

i once lived the ways of the wicked

now the holy spirit fills me like an open water spigot.

dear heavenly father please help me live it

till i prove you

and get your message through.

this internal clock ticks away,

countdown is on, eternal life is the name of the game.

let go of that resentment and the pain

don’t let this end you unsure in shame

take back that ground from the snake in the grass

the devil is nothing more but of the past………………….

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2 comments on “Countdown
  1. kevin says:

    very powerful and brilliant message….god bless you

  2. Keith says:

    Thank you Tyler. I appreciate your honesty in your poem.

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