Color Blind

Color blind

I am color blind I don’t see white or black.

The sun and the moon are one in my eyes

They shine with glory and divine power.

I am color blind to religion and war all I see

Is love that covers over sin, and bring the greatest

Joy in each and every one of us. I am color blind to

Life struggle of power and riches and how some are

Too poor well other have too much. We blind are mind

And heart from the injustice we see all around feeling powerless

Amongst a world filled with so much wrong but there is light amongst the darkness,

There hope when we least expect it, and love allows us to see each other as human

Being deserving of this affection and emotion expressed by our action.

Color blind is a figure of speech it something we allow our self to feel

Unless we open our mind to different possibility allowing different ways of

Expression our self, opening to color no longer color blind.

Davia Richards

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