Coffee Pot Bayou

St. Pete has a street named Coffee Pot Bayou
Imbued with residents from Santa’s North Pole

They create a place at Christmas you walk into
Unequaled in its joy, nary is found a piece of coal

Street corded off for the hundreds to pass through
As it should be, for you enter into Christmas lore

A plethora of decorations, even the Grinch would coo
A choir dressed in holiday gear singing at one door

Mr. and Mrs. Santa rocking amidst giant Noel signs
Inside they welcomed us in for holiday punch and treats

People came in by the tens, forming large lines
They just smiled and laughed handing out the sweets

Children everywhere walking across the cobblestone
Looking up with wonder as every house a Christmas gem

Palm trees swaying, night sky only Florida could own
Everyone saying “Merry Christmas” as if we all were one

If you ever wonder about Christmas elves and reindeer
About Santa’s magic or you might have the Christmas blues

If you happen to be in St.Petersburg you will surely hear
Christmas does exist; you’ll find it on Coffee Pot Bayou

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