Christmas Delight

The lime green leaves are softly turning
Crimson red with soft velvety touch
Poinsettia’s coming alive, children yearning
Season has begun, people in a rush
Memories like tidal waves come back again
Laughter, surprises, tears and airplane rides
Remembering of things that might have been
Snow angels and caroling, happiness collides
The rustle of shiny gold Christmas wrappings
Planning and shopping and making our lists
Cookies are baking and babies are napping
Colors of Christmas are shimmering in the mist
Last trip to the Mall with my boys in tow
An Orange Julius and a warm gingerbread treat
Shopping is done but I just wanted the glow
Of the moment, the shoppers, and tiny feet
Scurrying with glee, no tears will be shed
Morning excitement, a special breakfast
Hidden treasures underneath beds
No peeking or sneaking, I’ve been steadfast
Faces we’ll see, we’ve waited so long
Christmas is calling, “Come home, come home.”

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