Christmas Caroling

Passel of fresh faced girls huddled in the snow
The stinging wind from weather ten below

Furry hats with pom poms pounced on top
Clumsy poinsettia red mittens from 10 cent shop

Chorus taught us caroling in three part harmony
We sang our songs amid mid-western pine trees

The soft glow of the porch light turned on for us
Faces pressed against rubbed window frost

Small gift of chocolates were given with smiles
Sometimes invited in for cookies for a while

My favorite, “Bring a torch, Jeanette Isabella”
After we drank hot chocolate and marshmallows

Something bewitching about the sound of ten girls
Singing heartfelt tunes as wind and snow swirled

We were frozen little icicles bravingChicagonights
We were a Charles Dickens’ Christmas come to life

The clear dark sky dotted with stars for perfect affect
This was a Christmas memory that I won’t forget

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