Cease of Love

Earth filled with silent screams,
I was there in the awaiting antrum
Waiting for him to be there again….

I had loved him,
On earth, felt his fate,
Me Nemesis of my own fate.

Still, immortal statue of
Ever becoming one
I cried out his unknown name
I leapt over the gazing time
The running shore of eternity
To be his own skin…
My tears, Shed over his body
As incantation, talisman of faith….

……….and Cassandra spoke,
within my mind
She spoke the truth I felt within
Her words not to be believed
Her fathom not to be disclosed…
Sudden I knew,
Fate and faith rivalry of my being.

I called upon Earth pity and forgiveness
Imploring silencing the anguish
Breath slowed down
Just a murmur….just a breath
Gossamer of icicles
Encased me in one halitus
The last I held for him
The last I’ll share with him

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One comment on “Cease of Love
  1. joe aherne says:

    What a gem of wonderfullness “cease of love” is, amongst such mediocrity.
    I hope to see some more work on this site from this author.
    Such an original work of art.

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