Cat’s Eye

You know how it is,
Your mind skips about,
You think of cats and dogs, eyes and ears,
And then you put them together.
No purpose,
At least in the beginning

Try it.

Fighting like cats and dogs,
Eyes and ears of the world,
Dog-eared, cats-eye.

Now coast ahead.

A child’s marble,
A road sign reflector glass,
A chrysoberyl, you know,
BeAl2O4,beryllium aluminate.

Keep going.

Well, let’s see—
Spherical, not hollow,
Color, depth,

Good.  But is that a cat’s eye?

No, but it is close.
In a cat’s eye you can sense the dog,
See the fight.

Anything else?
Yes, yes—
Depth, color,
All that, and more.

Such as?

A suggestion of a soul.

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