Carnival Lady

Zephyr’s rolling here and there between brick flats
Clanging of the ice cream truck yanking at my ear

My feet ping ponging on the hot cement cracks
Cheeks bubbled out in smile as she did appear

Crisped light man shirt, collar pressed, clean white knee pants
She clipped along like a butterfly roaming

Tower bells in church steeples guide us to once glance
Carnival sundries bespeckle the soft gloaming

Her quick smile hooked onto a string of twirling lights
She was magic, like a goosing, bobbing yellow duck

Fruitful colors that brought us all frantic delights
Little girl so excited as if lighting had struck

Prizes from booths she carried home while we sing
Kite-string of kids caterpilling behind were packed

She belonged wherever prisms of sunlight swing
And sweet abundant cheerfulness was highly stacked

I still have a childish dreamer’s ambiance
Of Ferris wheels, pink cotton and crackling nights

I was Cinderella and this was Paris, France
This was dreamland where imagination took flight

A harbinger’s cry of “What a glorious time!”
Something worth keeping, a memory all mine

Wherever she was, that was the place to be
My mentor, my loving Aunt Helen and me

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