Brian’s Journey

His heart was born on the day he looked into her eyes
He’s been confused, a little used, a bit bemused

He danced happily around her, hoping to surmise
What gave her sparkle, what made her amused

She, like a fragile fawn, could not keep up with the lion
She faltered and grasped and tried to keep his glance

But at night she went home bewildered and crying
He, not recognizing love, never taking a chance

He held back his loving, enduring heart from her
Only showing the surface of tiny bits of care

A lifetime of never letting go made him shiver
Reluctant to commit, reluctant to share

She came on the wind and grasped his heart
For the first time he saw forever into the night

But destiny’s hand that gave them the start
Would soon see his mind set to flight

Analysis from an engineer started its’ cue
To wonder, to falter, to show only clouds

He forgot to acknowledge the sun she brought
Dismaying for a moment, getting lost in crowds

He let her go without understanding the loss
She, wounded, could not forgive the cause

His unbound sorrow like canvassing moss
Fills his soul, put his life on regrettable pause

If only she could see the man he could be
He would grant her anything, love that’s bold

A song, a dance, a great romance was she
If only, if only her hand he could hold

He wrestles with time and plants a seed
That love with come again within his life

Tamron, he knew was all he would need
She was morning, she was his intended wife

She is no longer free, he just too late to act
He lingers now, heartfelt regret of this spurn

His passion now and life traversing a bright track
Ready now for love’s journey and its lifetime return

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