Boston Bombing

On a picture perfect afternoon

So sunny and warm it felt like June

Through the crowd darkness loomed

We never knew their hate and pain

But still struggle with what remains

It twists our gut and racks our brains

It’s hard to wash away the stains

For on this warm and sunny day

Precious lives were taken away

Though the shock made us lose our breath

And appreciate all that we have

An inferno was building deep inside

So hot the enemy had to hide

They swept across the entire land

Hand in hand they made a stand

Together like a shield of blue

Their numbers grew and grew and grew

With nowhere to hide and nowhere to run

They attacked with explosives their car and their guns

All night long they kept it up

Until the boys in blue had had enough

They surrounded the one who still had breath

Then hell broke loose and put him cuffs

Now we pray for the families left behind

For the Lord to ease their troubled mind

Take away their pain and sting

And Lord please, ease their suffering.

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