Born To Be Alive

When the going gets tough
The truth makes us free—honesty, dignity, and integrity
Free to exercise your mind, to love with everything you are

Laughter is light heartedness and thankfulness the same

Death cannot be reversed so don’t die before your time
Live spiritually while you are alive
Knowing which action you have the power to grow, virtue or mistakes
It is in you to correct your life and keep correcting
Keep Victory over death because when you die
You will remember your successes

Laughter is light heartedness and thankfulness the same.

In remembering the mistakes you corrected, you will laugh and smile
Even cry for those mistakes you connected, overcame, and corrected

Every correction is the same. It’s all gain, it’s all gain.
There are two sides in every story—
One from the good in you, the other
From the things you do to correct mistakes
All of this makes you successful, makes you a winner,
Makes you a part of His Glory. Hopefully part of His story.

Donnie Ro

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