I walk with no direction
I fall over and over
I cry because I feel helpless
I see nothing but I dream of colors
I wish I could see my parents
But I can only touch and hear their voice
I fear loneliness that I will become a burden
They say no, because they love me
But I desire to be loved and one day have my own children to love
Every day I have to prove that I am able to do normal things like travel on my own,
Go shopping, meet friends at restaurants, date guys.
I struggle with an inside battle, the unknown
I love flowers and horses; I picture flowers around me with different colors and scents.
My brother and sisters are my defenders and protector against the storm
I dream of finally seeing but know that I am blind for life—all I see is in my dreams or of things I picture in my mind.

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One comment on “Blind
  1. Colette Gordon says:

    My God! My name is Colette. I love your poem and I can imagine how it should be read. I am also so proud of your love for poetry. You are a very talented individual, but there is one thing that I would like to say to you. Maybe you are blind honey but don’t say “blind for life.” I say this to inform you that if you just keep on living and BELIEVE our FATHER is still in the miracle working business!!! I was diagnosed with cancer but when I went back to the doctor they could not find anything. Blessings and miracles come from HIM whom created you and I. Keep up the great poetry and keep your head up !!! PRAYER CHANGES EVERYTHING!!!!!!!

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