Balancing Point

standing up straightly and holding a stance
performing the actions to stay in the dance
leaning a bit to the left or the right
a perfect sensation you just cannot fight
the young toddler child is learning to stand
by holding on tight to a firm parent hand
all of the seconds that we are erect
holding a posture that we must protect
so unaware in our true conscious thought
balance maneuvers that we have been taught
bicycle riding or slide on a ski
care not to fall catastrophic-ally
relying instinctively on our inner ear
that trims the direction that we want to steer
flexing our muscles with our level best
the movements we’re making are put to the test
letting your head go too far to the back
tilting the wheel to correct on the tack
gravity forces are pulling so tight
alter your courses to keep you upright
correcting each moment as needed to be
the keel will be even and set in the sea

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One comment on “Balancing Point
  1. Luwonda says:

    I like the poem. It sounds good. The rhyme and meters. It looks like a good poem!

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