I want to be the King,

and own most everything.

I want to be President too,

and do a much better job than you.

I want to be the best dressed man,

and you can copy me if you can.

I want the worlds biggest car,

fitted with a cocktail bar.

I want the worlds best living place,

so big it can be seen from space.

I want to be the richest man,

and also have a perfect tan.

I want to be a singing star,

and play my own solid gold guitar.

I want to live forever,

and also be famous and clever.

I want my own space ship,

so I can take a universe trip.

I want you to be friends with me,

but I might have to charge a fee.

I want to have Superman’s powers,

and fly around the world for hours.

I want to write a famous song,

and also want the strength of King Kong.

I guess I dream a lot,

but this might be my only shot.

I Guess I want it all now,

but just yet I don’t know how.

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