Air Quotes

two digits are bent in a way to define
words that we like to be underline
meant in good humor to bend up your lip
we think it’s a way to make us all hip
there’s no italics or other type letter
invisible fonts or colorful header
we think it is cute, fun and unique
to tweak up our hands and be tongue and cheek
we speak through the air with waves made of sound
shaping our mouths with ovals and round
we use our four fingers expressively so
to help words to bounce, jump and to flow
we watch other moves and mimic the sense
communing in space of a near present tense
no one may know who starts something new
we see how they work and capture the view
like a long conga line we all join the dance
practice our steps and take a new chance
we love a fresh bloom to brighten our day
it tickles our mind like a child out to play

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