A Little Child : The Winner

Little ones gather round          

I will tell you of this tale

Of David and Goliath

Along the Bible trail

David was a shepherd boy

He loved God so very much

David gave God joy

The philistines were giant men

Who bullied people around

King Saul was looking for a hero

To take Goliath down

No one in his kingdom

Could he find to do this deed

Until one day a little boy

David he would plead

To the King—David said, I will

Take Goliath down

With my God on my side

Goliath has no ground

So with a slingshot in his hand

He aimed at Goliath’s head

Taking his time he aimed it

And Goliath fell down dead

Remember little children

A hero you can be

With the God of Heaven

On your side

You are winner

If in Him you do abide


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