A Cup of Morning

Blueberry pancakes, Jamaican coffee
The sunrise is awaking with arms out for me

The flowers were drunk on potent amethyst
With sunlight and raindrops they had been kissed

Budding on the petals of the moonlight phase
They gently open their hearts to our gaze

Twisting and bending to whispering winds
Washing away guilt and all matter of sins

Delicious reds and sugary yellows
Pucker pinks and cinnamon fellows

The butterflies scurry to caress them and hover
They call them to come like a beckoning lover

In the morning mist, all starts anew again
Another chance to make it right, to win

Missing the faces who once brought the sun
Missing the traces of frolicking fun

Seeking purpose and light with all fervor
Sweet, beautiful flowers they do not murmur

They just parade their beauty for me to see
That’s enough of a miracle, a silent decree

Let the colors of life shimmer a bright array
Remembering only good on this lovely day

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