The Evolution of Mature Women

So when we finally grabble with the fact that estrogen and progesterone are simply a youthful memory, we can get on with Part 2 of the fabulous promises that are awaiting us.  You know the new math sequence where 60 is the new 50 and 50 is the new 40.  That math isn’t so easy to compute while you are trying to fit the “new you” into clothes which actually fit when you were 40 and 50!!!!!  The stomach that once was as flat as a washboard now has what fitness gurus
called “the pouch”.  Maybe if I was a mama kangaroo that would warm my heart, but from where I’m looking, the pouch resting on my legs while sitting, is not so heartwarming and cuddly! So we women will keep taking classes to improve our minds, and try to stay fit while exercising to videos that feature instructors that never had an inch to pinch.  One of the benefits of aging aside from social security and that “senior discount” that seems to soften the blow is having friendships that endured the test of time.  For every challenge that makes up a “life,” for every “station” we have to stop at, we need to be grateful and appreciative of the lessons we have learned. So ladies, stand a little taller, square the shoulders that have been a leaning post for the people in your life and have a smile in your heart to go with the one on your face.  And most importantly hold in that “pouch” Remember we’re not kangaroos, we are the fabulous women of a certain age, and we have earned our due.

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