Hairstyles Through the Years

Decades pass so quickly.  We can say the same for hairstyles too.  When I look at photos of days gone by, I hardly recognize myself.  At the tender age of seven, I am standing next to my grandparents smiling for the camera with my “Buster Brown” bangs; all that was missing was a dog at my feet. A few years pass and there I am with a group of my girlfriends blowing out birthday candles.  My smooth and silky ‘page-boy’ do is very befitting for a 12 year old.  In the late 50’s my family decided to move out to the ‘suburbs.’ I quickly realized this page boy style was definitely a thing best left behind; along with retiring my Catholic school uniforms. Able to select a different outfit on a daily basis was a wondrous concept for me and a new hairstyle was going to be part of my ‘makeover.’ With a desire to look more sophisticated, I purchased a small bun like mesh tube that resembled a doughnut.  Once my hair was pulled back, I gathered it and pinned it around this hair accessory.  Sadly, instead of looking classy like Audrey Hepburn, an older school marm would best describe the outcome.

As time passed I experimented with perms that left me somewhere between Orphan Annie and Afro.  I would have to say that my all time favorite style was the “artichoke.” This was a good fit for my shaped face, or so the experts claimed.  Along with the various ‘dos’ came a variety of hair colors.  The ‘frostings’ were achieved when a scull like cap with hundreds of little holes in them, were placed on my head and a crochet type needle would pull strand by strand out, only to have those pencil like pieces stripped and a blondish color would then be applied.  I have been a blond, redhead, and just plain brown. According to the latest hair magazines, yesterday’s hairstyles are back in vogue and are labeled the “retro” craze. Everything old seems to be new and in demand these days.


On my wedding day in ’64 my hairstyle was a simple “twist’ that complimented my hairpiece.   I am finally in the ‘no frills’ stage of my life.  My experimenting is limited to finding ways to keep the hair I have healthy.  No more crazy colorings.  Everything natural is where it’s at.  Hair vitamins are a must. Armed with advice from the hair experts; I sleep with a silk pillow case to protect my hair from friction and I installed a shower head that removes the impurities from our water. For many years now, my look is the simple “shag.”  My hair is showing signs of grey each and every day but with a few gentle products I keep that look at bay the best I can.  Preserving the hair I have is the only “style” I desire these days.

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