Prose and Rhyme No. 8 Winter 2013

Dear Reader,

Welcome back to Prose and Rhyme.  If you are new to the site, our purpose is to discover and publish poets and writers.  Our site has been up and running for  18 months now.  We are proud to showcase new poets and writers.   We hope that if you see a poem or short story that you enjoy, you will tell others about it. Comments that relate to the published works are always welcome and published so the authors and other readers can read them.  But we do not publish the comments of people trying to sell something, or promote their business. Our focus is fairly narrow. We want to publish poets and writers so their works can be enjoyed by others, and they can share their works with others. We do our best to publish works of the highest quality, remain true to the author’s voice, and still be contemporary.

We hope you will become the next great writer or poet. Getting published is tough.  When I was at Augusta State University, I was able to be one of the editors for Sand Hills Literary Magazine my senior year. One of the most important things I learned was how extremely subjective art really is. One person will love a work, another will hate it, and someone else will not care about the work at all.  The purpose of all art is probably to make a connection with the audience. The  purpose of this site is to give readers the opportunity to read new poets and writers, and to give new poets and writers the opportunity to connect with new readers. Our mission is to help you on your way. Before I go, I want to give a “shout out”  to the following poets and writers  we have published. Many thanks to:

Sefi A.
Syed Azam Mohammad
Scott Barnes
Michael Blackburne
Debbie Bongiovanni-Sharp
David Boykin
Donald Breen
Kevin P. Carmichael
Katherine Caulfield
William Cordoba
Jim Corry
Mark L.Daniel
Nolan Defreitas
Luwonda Dews-Benninger
Emily Gillespie
ZuZu Gold
Kevin Lee Gourley
Cheryl Ann Gray
Adrienne Gresham
Tasha Gwartney
Warren Harvey
Sajid Hassan
Donald D. Hook
Stephanie Kjaerbaek
Michelle Klenke
Tyler Lara
Keri Lynn
Jamila M.
Hugo Madison
Malcolmist the Alchemist
Candace Marshall
Tysan Rianne Marshall
Gayle McMillan
Lori McNeilly
Keith Needham
Krie Nicole
Jan Niebrzydowski
A. Non
Cynthia Norton
Ohikere Onize
Carloalberto Petti
Elizabeth Powell
Davia Richards
Donald Rosalez
David Michael Schmidt
Diane Sciacchitano
Jacqueline Shor
Niko Snead
Alicia Thell
Steve Warner
Lisa Ann Zayac


Laurie Boykin, editor
Prose and Rhyme

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