Prose and Rhyme No. 7 Fall 2012

Dear Reader,

Welcome to Prose and Rhyme.  We are a free nonprofit website and e-magazine created solely for the purpose of publishing and discovering original new works by poets and writers.  There was a short story I loved in my American
Literature class called Women on the Breadlines by Meridel LeSeueur. Looking back on it, it seemed if all my other classes had something bigger and more important due that day. The short story was only five pages, and I debated with myself if  I should try and read it quickly before class the next day, or go ahead and read it before I went on to more time consuming things. As you can probably tell, my interest was kind of half there when I started reading the work.  I really wasn’t expecting anything sensational. Then I read the story. It was so amazing. To me, it captured the Depression like nothing I had ever read, or ever seen on television, or in the movies. I was dumbfounded by how much I enjoyed the story. Everything else disappeared for a few minutes. There’s a joy you feel in your heart when you read something so wonderful. What makes something so wonderful and so good? I believe it’s the connection made between the reader and the author. How do you know you are going to find that connection? You don’t know where or when you will find that connection.   You  do know it when it happens.

So what does this have to do with you? Sometimes we read for work or for school. To be a better at whatever we are trying to be better at.  Sometimes we read for relaxation and enjoyment. There may be as many reasons to read as there are works to read. When our children are young, we read to them so we show them they can experience new worlds. Then the vision of those new worlds carry them off to sleep. What is it we truly want our children to discover? What is it we want to discover? Sometimes we don’t know the answer until we experience it through art.  If you are a poet or writer looking to be published, or if you know someone looking to be published….that’s our mission, to discover and publish new poets and writers.  Over time, new poets and authors become published poets and authors.  Previously published or not, we are looking for good works to publish.



Laurie Boykin, editor

Prose and Rhyme



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