Prose and Rhyme No. 5 Winter 2012

Dear Reader,

Welcome to Prose and Rhyme. Our mission is to discover new writers and poets and to publish original works that have never been published. 

Our authors for February include: Davia Richards, Tyler Lara, Nicole Krie, Cynthia Norton, Alicia Thell, Luwonda Dews-Benninger, Kevin P. Carmichael, Hugo Madision, Zuzu Gold, and Syed Azam Mohammad.

New changes are coming to Prose and Rhyme. Beginning in  April, we will select one poem to win Feature of the Month.  We will also be accepting blogs to be considered for publication.  Please check our new submission guidelines. Previously we have assisted authors by offering editing suggestions.  Our new procedure will be to accept only works we believe are ready for publication. So please send your best work.

Thank you for all your submissions.  If you know someone who writes poems and short stories, tell them about our site.

Best Wishes,

Laurie Boykin, publisher

Prose and Rhyme

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