Prose and Rhyme, No. 4, November/December 2011

Dear Reader,

Welcome to If you are new to our site, our mission is to discover new writers and poets. It is our hope you will be one. One of our goals for 2012  is to be able to publish one new poem and one short story on a daily basis for our readers to enjoy. Several poets and writers have been published more than once on our site. If you click on the authors name, you will be able to see other works we have published by the author.

Next, I want to thank all the writers and poets that have submitted their works to be published with us. It is a privilege to publish your work.

Our submission guidelines have changed slightly. We ask that individual poems and short stories submitted be 3000 words or less. You may still submit 3 short stories and 3 poems per month. Please read submission guidelines before submitting.

If you see a poem or short story you enjoy, tell others about it so they will be able to enjoy the work of the author as well.  If you know a short story writer or poet who is looking to be published, tell them about us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Happy Holidays,

Laurie Boykin, editor

Prose and Rhyme

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