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Welcome to  We are now accepting submissions for poetry and short stories.   Are you thinking about submitting but are not really sure if you should or not? You may wonder what prompted the creation of another online literary magazine.

Prose and Rhyme is a new online web magazine dedicated to discovering new writers. When you submit to the magazine you give us the right to publish your work on our website and in our archives.  After online publication, all rights revert back to you.  Although the magazine is run voluntarily and does not offer monetary payment for submissions, we hope that will not deter you from submitting to us. Our main criteria for a work to be published with us it that we love it. There is never any cost or fees for submitting your works to

While I was a student at Augusta State University, I had the opportunity to be one of the editors for the 2009-2010 edition of Sand Hills Literary Magazine. We had submissions from all over the United States and other countries.  Some of the submissions were terrible,  some were so-so, and some were great. There were many excellent works we were unable to publish because one of the rules for publication in Sand Hills Literary Magazine is to be an ASU student or alumni.  Quite frankly, we were surprised to have so many submissions from outside the university.  My experience with Sand Hills Literary Magazine led me to believe that the good writers out there far far exceed the available literary publications for them to publish in. That is what prompted the creation of

As a lifelong creative writer myself, I realize it’s a little scary submitting to a new publication. Our dream at is to discover new writers.  You will be able to receive feedback from readers, and readers will have the opportunity to check that they like your work without leaving a comment as well.

We encourage you to submit your poems and short stories.  Our goal at is to publish one new poem and one new short story daily. We want to discover new writers and new poets. We hope you will be one.

Laurie Boykin, editor

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