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The Curse of the Miser's Thirst

There’s a tower in the east w’th a wall of gold. There’s a beast in the tower who guards his fold. The Miser brays at who goes near. When he gifts he dreads despair. It’s unfortunate if you keep the

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Impulsively Awake

Impulsively awake Shocked by new, that enters its base. Clean of banter, hasn’t met the house of rumor. Pure clean white naked exposed. Honest with taste. Walks its pace. Impulsively awake. – ZuZu Gold

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The Fly & the Bellow Man

The fly that glides lands on the skin. Slays the waste of rusty sin. Awakes the man rage with squawk. Slender wings lifty stock. Folly stance seeks it’s bane. No slain in sight no victory to claim. Quick with swift

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