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Striding With Life

Striding With Life Take life with a stride Overcoming all the obstacles with pride Changes that seem to hold you back May seem to keep mounting in stacks Get inner knowledge To receive that edge Of revelation Which leads to

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Nature Going outside to discover The uncover Beauty of nature By the maturing Of one’s thought To explore the scenic views Of the already previews Of given life Children playing Birds singing Cars moving Streams flowing Men and women laughing

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Seeking the Truth Within

Have you ever put your head down Hiding your frown Wanting to speak Which could lead you to different peaks Always wondering Never exploring But searching the unknown In order to find the known What a glorious day To say

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Searching Wondering and watching as the years go by Welcome with words hi and bye But one day my body froze where I was not able to move for a second Excuse me, I beckon What happen to me I

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