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Dear Mom

I love you mom. I wish there was a word to describe my appreciation. But there’s not a word to compare To my feelings that are really there. I also want to thank you Not just from a son but

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We Ought to Make Every Moment Count

We ought to make every moment count because it may be the last. We ought to make every moment count, not just because it may or may not be the last moment we have on this earth. Although that in

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Feeding the voids i once fed with drugs, sins, and lusts, i found the one to really trust. and in my confinement, God showed me not to take life for granted this is a temporary assignment. see i come from

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It’s a strong word, but some of these feelings are absurd. i’m confused… was it not what i believed? was it a phony plan conceived ? to just use me? if so i hate you … so much have to

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