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The Fireman

A fireman, Wait, But he was a policeman, Caught in a fire, A good soul, a good cousin, a good friend, Not putting the fire out, But trapped, Trapped in the fire, Both body and soul, Pain, torture, yet brief

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Angel and Addiction

A sweet soul, An addict, A mother, An addict, Beautiful, An addict, Fun, loving, caring, smiling, An addict, Full of life, An addict, Overdose, A dead addict, Addiction to death to Heaven, An Angel. by: Keith Needham

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Storm With No Weather

Does it exist? or…….. Is it inside? Dark, rainy, cloudy, Thunder, lightening, turbulence, The weather is dreadful, the wind destructive, He gets out of bed, looks out the window, And………………. The weather is sunny, the air is calm, the skies

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