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Cat’s Eye

You know how it is, Your mind skips about, You think of cats and dogs, eyes and ears, And then you put them together. No purpose, At least in the beginning Try it. Fighting like cats and dogs, Eyes and

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The Rapture

It was smack dab in the middle of the Great Depression, and J.D. needed money bad.  He had no formal education beyond the fourth grade and no marketable skills to speak of, but his resourcefulness was unquestioned.  God had endowed

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Road Rage

The old pickup was not traveling fast as it made its way north on Route 13 in Delaware to a favorite fishing spot on the Choptank near Denton, Maryland.  The four friends, two men and two women, were yakking animatedly

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Thrill Hollow

Dwight awakened this Wednesday morning with a low-grade sense of dread.  He had just graduated from high school the previous Friday and by all rights should have still been feeling on top of the world.  He had been accepted at

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