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Balancing Point

standing up straightly and holding a stance performing the actions to stay in the dance leaning a bit to the left or the right a perfect sensation you just cannot fight the young toddler child is learning to stand by

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Santa Smells Like Moth Balls

      In the North Shore suburbs of Chicago, in the 1940’s, around 1947, or so, I was a youngster. I suppose that I had a very typical childhood  for that era. My family was considered Middle Class. My father had

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Air Quotes

two digits are bent in a way to define words that we like to be underline meant in good humor to bend up your lip we think it’s a way to make us all hip there’s no italics or other

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A Castle Scene

a shadow drifts across the glass reflecting not the image pass a vapor  mist be-stills a kiss as voices play a whispered hiss pale and cold the narrow wrist the veins of blue align the fist walls show rips of

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the fresh tender bud holds a droplet of dew sprouted from the end of the stem where it grew tilts towards the sun and warmed by the heat leaves grow around and wrap were they meet time lets the bloom

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vessels squeeze the flow of blood the flower forms another bud atoms swirl electric force a river shapes a different course lions show a row of teeth courage sparks a pulse beneath nature gives a super rush to bring about

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