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The Nightmare

Alone again in the dark, A misty fog in the park. Loud screams and noises that you hear, I know that he will soon be near. My heart is racing like a horse, I know my life is taking course.

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Mr. Wonderful

A man to meet so kind and gentle, As handsome as can be, A sweet talker and attentive listener, Supportive and caring;  He’s there for me. The sound of his voice, The touch of his hand, He moves my heart

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Memories of a Loved One

The most amazing woman I ever knew was eighty years old. Her personality was spunky and pleasant, but at times, she was also ill and incoherent. She had rosy cheeks, and was really thin, with gray whiskers on her chin.

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The Proposal

On cold winter nights, On your nose the wind bites. Warm by the fire, Feelings of desire. Romantic music and candlelight, A beautiful setting that feels so right. The feelings are clear; His love is sincere. A moment of cheer,

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