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Unchained Memories

A landscape of clouds Snowy white ice cream treats Shadow walking sky stream Puffy sinking surface Where myths and legends walk Will bring the desert up to See the sky have its needed cry Memories of glass eyes Glaze my

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Time of Life

Passes by Keeps no recollection of why Never stops Leaves behind Takes Punishes Forgets Heals Never looks behind Gets put around a wrist only to shine Should be enjoyed Unlike life it does not end Enjoy before it meets its

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Tic tic tock

Tic tic tock I cannot stop, I cannot stop, this ticking clock Tic tic tock I cannot see, how can I be, if I cannot see Tic tic tock I cannot talk; I cannot speak, but only seek Tic tic

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The American Dream

I am the American dream eagerly searching for a host I am the American dream; I am Benjamin Franklin’s ghost I come wrapped in chains, tangled rope and cathedral high My lack of visibility does not change wherein my content

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The Cool Whip Caper

It was like him to think of practical jokes to pull on his favorite aunt. The two as close as “two peas in a pod” as Debbie would always refer to them. Debbie, a special needs child, was comfortable in

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I Trust in Jesus

I trust in Jesus He protects my home He protects my heart He protects my soul He protects me from things I cannot see He gives me strength to be the best that I can be He knows my heart

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The Mind

The most mysterious is the mind… Struggling, searching for meanings… Grappling with logic, faith, beliefs, tempted by the heart’s yearnings Love, enlightens, melts the heart, blissfully, raising the spirit— Broken love, compromises … plunges us into despair— traumatizing the vulnerable

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Boston Bombing

On a picture perfect afternoon So sunny and warm it felt like June Through the crowd darkness loomed We never knew their hate and pain But still struggle with what remains It twists our gut and racks our brains It’s

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Turn the Page

Lofty goals Dare I indulge Climb out on that ledge Throw caution to the wind Will I fall or will I fly No matter which My obsession to try Used to be easy Decisions to make But aging can daunt

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The Moment We Fall

That bewitching, exhilarating moment of first contact That incredible feeling that just a fleeting second before We were ordinary, now we possess mythical powers Our senses heightened to feel magic when a breeze Touches lightly over our skin, we are

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