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Welcome to a world where God is a bad word, Where some stop at nothing for their voice to be heard. They take their fight to the highest court, And claim His name’s purport is distorted. They say their rights

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The Chocolate Bar

It looked at me screaming, “Pick me up already!” its sugary fingers resting barely atop my gleaming patent leather shoes. Its very bigness compared to the other candy pieces—that  alone was startling enough. It was clear that it was meant

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Love’s Clock

we’re born thirsty yearning for love the love of a mother pure and genuine growing, growing… tic toc childhood play summer fun joyous laughter under the sun innocent love… tic toc, tic toc adolescence young, strong, and fearless pretty girl,

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Palm Trees

I walk by the river stream that flows Where the palm trees grow In the valley below Of love and peace Where lost souls are weak  And there is no hope  In good faith, gentle winds blow Upon my face with

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Fool Behind Wheels

Speeding—fast wheels running red, flashing, flickering lights Day and night, hiding in the nights  So cool, nothing but a fool watching The sunlight in the daylight, Killing kids when they are out of school. You will not get that far—soon

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Goodbye Mr. President

In rows of chipped and gnarled wooden chairs We sat, even our breathing, shallow rasp Conscious of the nun’s frightening cold stares This hallowed moment soon to be our past Tiny hands strangling rosary beads With fervent heart and eyes

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I See Heaven In the Skies

When wake up in the morning and walk out my door, I thank God above For one more day of love; when I stand up and see the birds flying around the trees, I thank God for another day to

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Lessons From a Forlorn Heart

Come to me, come to me, if only in my sleep Let me remember you with loves fresh bloom I yearn to hear your voice again, tomorrow can keep Born with whispered greatness, disappearing moon Madness that picks my mind

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